“Our goal is to establish businessMATE as a leading, globally recognized ERP and manufacturing software and become a must-have solution for businesses of various sizes, enhancing their operational performance, production processes, and profits with our user-friendly interface, versatile offerings, incredible customizability, and multi-industry utility,” Joseph quotes.

Joseph Fiore, President and CEO, businessMATE, shares in his interview with GoodFirms how they developed this best-in-class enterprise resource planning system and manufacturing software that conforms to the comprehensive operational requirements of businesses across various industries with its power-packed features, amazing functionality, and reasonable pricing.

Based in Canada, businessMATE is a unique software designed to streamline and control various aspects of enterprise resource planning and manufacturing management for businesses of various sizes and across diverse industries. A vast majority of the company’s clientele is from the manufacturing sector.

BusinessMATE offers comprehensive ERP and manufacturing management tools, including enterprise resource planning, accounting management, logistics management, maintenance management, material requirements planning, MES, quality management, quotes/estimates, safety management, shipping management, asset management, customer management, inventory management, order management, project management, warehouse management, purchase order management, supply chain management, tracking & visibility, reporting & analytics, and more.

With such versatile offerings, businessMATE software helps businesses reduce their routine and complex operations to simple one-click functions, remarkably conserving time and effort, maximizing productivity, and shrinking operational costs. It also enables better data analysis and performance recognition for informed decision-making. The businessMATE system enables businesses and manufacturing units to perpetually upsurge their profits and enhance return on investment at nominal costs. The software aims to offer start-ups and supply businesses a low-cost monthly option to streamline their operations.

GoodFirms interviewed and discussed the detailed offerings of businessMATE software directly with Joseph Fiore, Founder, President, and CEO of businessMATE, to learn more about the software. As the CEO, Joseph’s role involves the development of the product and conferring with the company’s clients for project directions.

Versatile Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Initiating the interview, Joseph describes businessMATE as an application designed for business owners to manage their daily operations. Joseph adds that the software is an ideal starting point for customization that saves development costs. The software offers comprehensive ERP and manufacturing tools that suffice the needs of most businesses without modification. Moreover, it can be easily tailored to match the specific needs of other businesses.

Joseph elaborates that businessMATE offers all the essential ERP and manufacturing modules, including quote, order, invoice, credit, statements, purchase order, product, bill of materials, work in progress, inventory, client, supplier, staff, prospect, follow up, and preference. Joseph adds that the system can be customized to incorporate current processes from either paper forms, spreadsheets, or various programs.

When asked what motivated the company to develop businessMATE, Joseph details that the company has been providing custom business applications for over twenty years now. With an array of experience in various industries, the company has immense potential to supply expert knowledge as a system solution provider. According to Joseph, the company leveraged this expertise and experience to create a system that is quick to implement, cloud based, easy to use, incorporates existing processes, streamlines workflows, and integrates seamlessly with accounting, email, and many other modern technologies.

Joseph summarizes that businessMATE was thus developed with the aim of offering business applications suited to clients, in a timely fashion and with very personalized service.

Distinctive Features and Offerings

Talking about the unique features and offerings of businessMATE, Joseph elaborates that while most applications are generic and do not include the unique features and functionalities that companies require, businessMATE allows a business owner’s vision to quickly become an application reality through its exceptional offerings. The software offers a very attractive and intuitive interface that transforms complex and costly processes into one-click completion. Joseph clarifies that the software enables numerous ready-to-use tools and is also customizable for businesses that have specific, additional requirements.

Joseph further highlights that businessMATE software is cloud-based, scalable, and ensures a high ROI for businesses. It is thus an ideal platform for businesses, providing them growth, increased sales, and conserving time and money.

Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Further in the interview, Joseph discusses customer satisfaction and retention for businessMATE. Joseph discloses that the clients have been using businessMATE for over two decades and are highly satisfied. Joseph proudly states that a client even mentioned that they could not manage operating the business without the software.

Besides, Joseph points out that the businessMATE system has a remarkable customer retention rate of over 85%. Joseph attributes this to the fact that the software is a continuous-use application; thus, it is unlikely that a client will change, especially with customizations and routine enhancements that the company provides in the product.

Dedicated Customer Support

Discussing customer support, Joseph explains that the company offers diligent customer support and is readily accessible to the customers by email and phone. Moreover, according to Joseph, the support team ensures that the calls are answered and issues are addressed promptly.

Additionally, Joseph clarifies that businessMATE software application is intuitive enough as to not warrant formal training, and guiding the users through the application once is sufficient to make them understand and leverage the product.

BusinessMATE – The Best ERP Software

“In 10 years, we aim to build brand awareness, maintain custom projects, and include a low-cost monthly SaaS model for start-ups and suppliers. We aim to lead the market and become a preferred ERP and manufacturing software platform for businesses across the globe,” says Joseph.

With so much to offer, businessMATE is emerging as a popular choice and market leader for businesses looking for an all-in-one ERP and manufacturing platform. GoodFirms’ researchers have acknowledged businessMATE as one of the best ERP software and the best manufacturing software for its extensive enterprise resource planning and manufacturing tools, broad offerings, customizability to match diverse business needs, diligent customer support, and reasonable pricing.

To know more about the offerings of the businessMATE ERP system, one can also go through the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.

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