Our Features


When decisions relating to expenses, sales, finances, and inventory are well planned, their seamless execution becomes a breeze. Automated document creation saves time and allows employees to focus more on high value duties. This increases productivity and profitability. You can incorporate the documents and forms that you’re currently using.


Automatic, one-click invoice and auto-application of centralized taxes allows for fast payment and collection with 100% billing accuracy. You can easily go back and check invoice history that facilitates client inquiry. You can determine which invoices are overdue for payment, complete with client contact info with the help of aging report tool to simplify accounting.


With Automated Production Documentation, you can automate required data which eliminates the need for data entry and chances of human error. Decreased paper handling saves valuable time and money. You can automate inventory, coordinate raw material with production requirement, and plan orders in larger batches to ultimately reduce production costs.


We realize what your clients mean for your business and that’s why businessMATE is equipped with tools to strengthen B2C communication. You can identify prospective buyers that help you disqualify low quality leads and in turn, shorten your sales cycle. Properly curated and managed email marketing list helps in your email blast endeavors, with assured safety of client data.


Analyze sale, purchase, profit, and deficit information at a glance to take well informed decisions regarding company operations. Complex data is made available for quick evaluation through Bar Graphs, Pie Charts, and XY charts. This saved time can be utilized in formulating lucrative business strategies after analyzing quarterly performance and identifying untapped sales opportunities.


Avoid shuffling between many programs as in generic applications. businessMATE allows incorporation of all key operations on a single interface with cross reference of data made easy. No need for multiple data entry. Data once entered will be available for all attributes. Custom features while incorporating familiar forms and systems makes training easy and cuts short learning curve.

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