Dashboard Analytics

See entire activities at a glace Short and long term decisions made instantly

Bar Graphs, Pie Charts, XY Charts

Translate complex data into easy visual form

Decisions about Company Activity is well Informed

Avoid unnecessary costs Purchase at most opportune time Maximize your buying power Better inventory control


Effective Time Management

Focus on most important matters Better return on labour cost Better return on production cost


Email Marketing Lists

Use information for general or specific lists


Company Specific Reports

Generate the custom reports you need

Sales Cycle Shortened

Target sales efforts for quickest return


Recognize Performance

Sales, employee or equipment


Check Order History and Buying Patterns

Meet your client’s needs


Recognize Selling Opportunities

Targeted sales efforts


Task Tracking

Better production at each stage

Monitor Margins and Profitability

Most profit from business activity


Sales and Production Forecast

Make the most of seasonal sales cycles Target the best sales areas during the year

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