Entire Operation in One Place

Eliminate opening and closing many programs


Find, Sort, and Constrain feature and manage thousands of records in each database

Manage thousands of records in any database

Training Costs Reduced

Rapid employee training


Scalability for Future Growth

Unrealized modules can be met in the future

Process Automation Replaces Manual Task and Paper

Easier and professional to work with computer than paper

Do Business Anywhere on Mobile Device

Greater selling opportunities for sales
Maintain real time mobile activity in the office


Connected Business Processes

Easy to cross reference data


Positive Team Culture

Staff feels good using current technology

Shortened Learning Curve

Faster productivity with new employees


Eliminate Multiple Entry

Information entered once, one click steps copy Eliminate mistakes

Purchase Order Generation

Allows buying for all aspects of the business


Company Information with Logo for Printed Documents

Elevates company image on printed documents

Email print documents as a PDF with message

Send Quotes, Invoices, POs to a recipient with one click

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